Technical data
Product TypeModel
Hydraulic interface unit for re-buildingsConter R
Inlet manual interception valves
2-way body valve
Heat exchanger
Safety valve
Safety thermostat
Expansion vessel
Filling point
Electronics management box
Wireless M-Bus heat meters
Sintesi 2-way modulating actuator
Flow temperature probe
Mechanical energy meter, heating only, M-Bus /
Ultrasonic energy meter, heating only, M-Bus /
Mechanical energy meter, heating only, wireless M-Bus /
Ultrasonic energy meter, heating only, wireless M-Bus
Flow rate control with balancing valveOptional
Distribution manifold with motorized valves /
Distribution manifold with electromechanical heads
External probe for wheather compensationOptional
System start-up and technical support Optional

The hydraulic interface unit for the re-buildings

Studied for the one who wants to replace the radiators with the radiant panels in centralized plants.
Recessed installation.
Complete of the whole material to manage the new plant to panels radiant plates.
Heat exchanger for the complete hydraulic separation.
ERP Ready pump.
Wireless M-Bus direct metering.
Surge chamber.
Safety valve.
Sintesi modulating motorised valve.
Electronics management file with digital display.
Temperature probe and safety thermostat.

Available also with distribution manifolds.

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