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Vedi tutti i prodotti

Vedi tutti i prodotti

50 years of history

Comparato was founded in 1968 by Nello Comparato as a natural development of his handcraft as a plumber.

For 50 years Comparato has stood out on domestic and international markets for the excellence of its products, granting a skilled and constant support to customers and on-time customized solutions thanks to the best technicians and consultants.


Research & Development, right prices and long-term warranty are key-factors for the success on international markets.

Comparato can count on a well-structured R&D Department with high-tech tools for the Digital prototyping, FDM 3D printers for plastic samples and modern test labs for an on-going quality research.


It is one of the most important principle in Comparato.

The creation of quality starts in R&D Department: test and monitoring of prototypes’ lifecycle and reliability; accurate choice of materials and a strict supervision of all production process; test on each and all finished product.

Our commitment is guaranteed by the important certifications obtained:


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, ANCCP quality management system



RINA Part C. Chap. 3 sect. 6 Table ELE134806CS
(Universal PRO 24V ac, 110V ac, 230V ac – Diamant PRO 24V ac/dc, 110V ac, 230V ac
Compact PRO 12V dc, 24V ac/dc, 110V ac, 230V ac)
UL file E222093, on call

All Company process are mapped in the Quality Handbook and constantly monitored and reengineered.