Vedi tutti i prodotti

Vedi tutti i prodotti

Vedi tutti i prodotti


Comparato offers innovative solutions to all its Partners in the Industry sector, thanks to more than 50 years of experience and a highly specialized know how.

All these products can be found in the new INDUSTRIAL PRICE LIST 01.2021; its aim is to underline our ongoing commitment in a company branch that is constantly growing and investing in specific applications such as wine making, food and beverage, chemicals and nautical.

Among all our new products, multifunction actuators Smart PRO are a noteworthy addition; they can communicate by wi-fi or ModBus and can be provided with the Fail Safe, a system that saves energy in order to operate the valve in case of power outage.

The INDUSTRIAL PRICE LIST 21.2021 is user friendly and products can be quickly identified thanks to a simple classification according to the material used.

E-mail us at to get your copy!

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