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Vedi tutti i prodotti

CATALOGUE 22 – HP integration

The integration of Comparato Catalogue 22/2020 is out: a chapter that is entirely dedicated to systems for plants with Heat Pumps with solutions shaped on this type of plant.

As well-known, heat pumps are thermal machines that use an eco-friendly alternative technology from external renewable sources such as air, water and underground. Having products that are particularly designed for their use is an added value for the plant project.

  • Clima PDC: motorised diverting valve for automatic switching between PDC and boiler according to external temperature
  • Diatech PDC: hydraulic interface units for direct metering and DHW production
  • Ecosan PDC and Ecosan PDC L: DHW instantaneous production unit

Micro-inertial units complete the range: built-in inertial storage tanks.

To view the online catalogue and to learn more about the operation of new products, click on the following link: Heat pumps – HP

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