UNIVERSAL PRO motorised valve – 2-way FF BRASS with spacer, thermal break and manual override

Technical data
Codice /
VMisura /
DNPNTempi di manovra /
Operating times
UY242RF2M5D924 V
50 Hz
2"504055 sec (90°)
UY242RG2M5D924 V
50 Hz
2"1/2652555 sec (90°)
UY242RH2M5D924 V
50 Hz
3"801655 sec (90°)
UY242RI2M5D924 V
50 Hz
4" *1001655 sec (90°)
* pressione differenziale massima 6 bar,
per valori superiori vedere sez. Universal
* maximum differential pressure 6 bar,
for further values please see Universal section


ALL-IN-ONE actuator for 3 points without relay or 2 points with relay connection

Class protection: IP67

Operating time: 55 sec for 90° rotation – 40Nm

Protected type, with spacer, thermal break and manual override, 2 extra microswitches

2-way FF BRASS ball valve, full bore

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