Technical data
Product Type Model
Hydraulic interface unit with heating/cooling line in high and low temperature and DHW and/or DCW linesLowtherm
Inlet manual interception valves
Outlet manual interception valves
2-way or by-pass body valve
Sintesi 230V actuator * /
Sintesi 24V actuator /
Sintesi 230V actuator with safety electronics
Additional outlet low temperature heating
Mechanical energy meter, M-Bus /
Mechanical energy meter (heating/cooling) M-Bus
Low temperature circuit pump
Sintesi 2-way modulating motorised valve on low temperature circuit
Safety thermostat for low temperature circuit
Low temperature probe
Non-return valve
Metal sheet box
Template box
Mechanical energy meter, direct read out /
Mechanical energy meter (heating/cooling) M-Bus **
DHW-DCW additional set for water line with stub piece /
DHW additional set for 1 water line with stub piece /
DCW additional set for 1 water line with stub piece
DCW meter with pulse outputs /
DHW meter with pulse outputs
Door and frameOptional
System start-up and technical supportOptional
* Warning: the 230V motorised valve must be combined with a suitable electrical safety system according to law, such as our optional CGQKHT

Direct energy metering

Centralised heating plant management with high and low temperature

Centralised DHW production

Hot and cold sanitary water lines

Double energy outlet (one direct zone and one zone with controlled temperature and pump)

Integrated electonics for heating and cooling control by setting a fixed or varible value through an external sensor

Auto-limititing system of the flow temperatue for the cooling line to avoid condensate presence on the floor (with sensor for relative humidy to be installed in the room)

Build-into-wall installation

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