Futura HP

Technical data
Product TypeModel
Hydraulic interface unit with integrated heat pump for summer/winter commutationFutura HP
Flow static limiter
Inlet manual interception valves
Outlet manual interception valves
Accumulation tank
Manual relief valve
7 bar safety valve
AISI 304 expansion vessel
AISI 316L immersion temperature probe
Automatic release valve
Sintesi 2-way ON/OFF motorised valve on sanitary circuit
Sintesi 2-way ON/OFF motorised valve on primary circuit
Electronics management box
Energy meter, M-Bus reading
Sanitary water meter, M-Bus reading
Thermostatic mixer on DHW outlet
Plant pump
Sintesi diverting motorised valve
Heat pump
Ventilation outlet
Ventilation inlet

Futura HP is the innovative hydraulic interface unit with hybrid direct metering using the technology of the heat pumps in order to produce domestic hot water through accumulation.

Winter season: heating of the housing unit and production of domestic hot water functions, by withdrawing thermal energy from the centralized distribution network. Energy is produced by a gas generator and sent to the network thanks to a termo-vector fluid.

Summer season (function heating not requested): the production of domestic water is delegated to the heat pump integrated in the unit, with around 3 kW thermal. It is not necessary to absorb energy from the primary network, and therefore the centralized generator can be switched off with consequent environmental and economic benefits. The energetic dispersions due to the distribution are zeroed. The system improves the distribution output, one of the most critical aspects in the planning / management of this types of plants.

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