Futura Ac

Technical data
Product TypeModel
Hydraulic interface unit for heating system with accumulation tank for DHW production 50 L or 70 LFutura AC
Flowswitch for sanitary priority
Flow static limiter
Accumulation tank
Manual relief valve
7 bar safety valve
AISI 304 expansion vessel
AISI 316L immersion temperature probe
Automatic release valve
Sintesi 2-way ON/OFF motorised valve on sanitary circuit
Sintesi 2-way ON/OFF motorised valve on primary circuit
Non-return valve
Electronics management box
Probe holder for energy meter
1500 W electric heater for DHW boilerOptional
Energy meter, M-Bus readingOptional
Sanitary water meter, M-Bus readingOptional
Thermostatic mixer on DHW outletOptional
Plant pumpOptional
Additional outlet low temperature heatingOptional
Sintesi 2-way modulating motorised valve on low temperature circuitOptional
Low temperature circuit pumpOptional
Low temperature probeOptional
Safety thermostat for low temperature circuitOptional
Outdoor temperature probe for climatic functionOptional
System start-up and technical support Optional

Direct energy metering

Centralised heating plant management

Accumulation tank for DHW production

Hot and cold sanitary water lines

For traditional heating plant

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