Diatech L

Technical data
Product TypeModel
Hydraulic interface unit for heating and DHW and DCW production with in-line connection on the inferior sideDiatech L
Inlet manual interception valves
Outlet manual interception valves
DHW temperature probe
Flow static limiter
Heat exchanger
Sintesi 2-way modulating motorised valve on sanitary circuit
Sintesi 2-way ON/OFF motorised valve on primary circuit
Electronics management box
Energy meter, M-Bus reading /
Ultrasonic energy meter
Sanitary water meter, M-Bus reading
Template box
Door and frame
Plant balancing with static balancing valve /
Plant balancing with dynamic balancing valve /
Plant balancing with DPCV /
Plant balancing with Modflow - electronic flow control
System start-up and technical supportOptional

Direct energy metering

Centralised heating plant management

Plated heat exchanger for DHW production

Hot and cold sanitary water lines

For traditional heating plant

In-line connection from the bottom

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