Technical data
Product TypeModel
Hydraulic interface unit for management in high and low temperature and DHW production Diatech BT/HT
Inlet manual interception valves
Outlet manual interception valves
DHW temperature probe
Flow static limiter
Heat exchanger
Sintesi 2-way modulating motorised valve on sanitary circuit
Sintesi 2-way ON/OFF motorised valve on primary circuit
Electronics management box
Energy meter, M-Bus reading /
Ultrasonic energy meter
Sanitary water meter, M-Bus reading
Template box
Door and frame
Low temperature circuit pump
Sintesi 2-way modulating motorised valve on low temperature circuit
Safety thermostat for low temperature circuit
Low temperature probe
Non-return valve
Plant balancing with static balancing valve /
Plant balancing with dynamic balancing valve /
Plant balancing with DPCV /
Plant balancing with Modflow - electronic flow control
System start-up and technical supportOptional

Direct energy metering

Centralised heating plant management

Electronic management of one low temperature line with pump

Plated heat exchanger for DHW production

Hot and cold sanitary water lines

For traditional heating plant

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