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Vedi tutti i prodotti

Vedi tutti i prodotti

Price List 22/2020

Our new PRICE LIST 22/2020 will enter into force starting from 15th October 2020. Request a copy in pdf or Excel format to Our Office:

Should you need a paper copy, please provide us the right address and addressee and we will proceed with the shipment.

This price list is completely renewed, with new graphic and sections, in order to meet our customers’ needs and to provide an easier consultation: we created specific sections according to the different applications of the products. In this way, the consultation is faster and more intuitive, also for those who are not familiar with our range of products. Moreover, further to an important project process, we expanded our offer with new high-tech and innovative products:

  • Motorised Valves for regulation and control – for HVAC applications with 6-WAY VALVES, PICV AND REGULATIONS DISKS
  • Mixing / thermoregulating DIAMIX / COMPAMIX actuators with new functions and Modbus remote control
  • SMART PRO multifunctional actuators with Wi-fi or Modbus communication protocol for HVAC and industrial applications

Should you need any further information and/or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us: we will be pleased to provide you all clarifications and to show you all new products.

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