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Vedi tutti i prodotti


43rd MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort has just come to an end. Comparato showcased many news that have been appreciated by professionals in the sector, many projects of our R&D Department have already been realised at the beginning of 2024.

PDC fast diverting valve range is used downstream heat pump for deviating between heating system and DHW storage. Technical features that established it in this kind of application are ultrafast operating time (up to 4 seconds for 90° rotation) 3-hole ball and full bore that grants a constant flow even when manoeuvring and leak free.

Central heating systems component family grows whit two new products. DIADIS is a hydraulic separator with three independent circuits and it can be used with an input generator and two different thermal zones in output (for example high and low temperature) or with two independent generators in input and one only output. DIACOP is the manifold for parallel combination of circulating pumps.

Comparato launched many novelties in distribution systems also. Compact System is the compact pump unit with wall hanging installation that can independently regulate up to three thermal zones making the plant autonomous thanking to the hydraulic separation function.

Mixing electronic pump units with management function on motorized valve simplify installation and setup operations. To direct pump units with energy meter, we add direct metering kit for fixed point, modulating and electronic mixing pump units (kit with filter) to implement the direct metering in all our versions. Lastly the separation hydraulic unit Sep Kit saves primary system hydraulically separating heating plant generator.

Futura AC 70 is the direct meter HIU with DHW production with 70 L in AISI 316 L storage. Thanks to an electrical resistance it allows to switch off the centralised distribution system during summer having in this way an important energy saving

Among hydraulic interfaces of ECO Range, the novelty is Ecosan 60 that uses thermal energy of a technical water storage (puffer) for instantly produce DHW with a 60kW plate heat exchanger.

2024 novelties join a very interesting product range such as Plug & Play HIUs for immediate replacements of direct mering HIU that are now outdated and almost at end of their life cycle, motorised valves zone management, regulation and DHW mixing (with anti-legionella thermal disinfection) and central heating system components, produced even on customer’s drawing and in stainless steel.

To download our catalogue with all novelties, please click on following link: • General catalogue 2024

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