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In our website’s DOWNLOAD area, under the name SOFTWARE, you can find the new Comparato TOOL:


The evolution of the tool for the sizing of mixing motorised valves for sanitary (DIAMIX L – COMPAMIX L range and DIAMIX – COMPAMIX range) is available on the website: choosing the right diameter of the ball valve according to the system is very important. A wrong choice often leads to unstable temperatures, particularly in low flows, or long waiting times before having domestic hot water.
Three different sizing methods can be selected: according to the design flow rate, to the type and number of users or to the best characteristic curve.


Diamix L and Compamix L are electronic mixing valves with integrated anti-legionella thermal disinfection cycle. Thanks to the RS485 serial connection with Modbus RTU communication protocol, a mixing valve can be connected to a PC.
Comparato LegioTool software offers easy access to all functions, settings and programming modalities of the mixing valve. Moreover, all anti-legionella cycles performed by the actuator and stored in its memory can be downloaded, viewed and exported in Excel format.


Diamix PLUS and Compamix PLUS are the new electronic mixing valves that, in addition to the classic fixed-point regulation, can carry out weather compensation in medium and high temperature heating systems and manage the remote setting of temperature setpoint with 0-10V proportional signal.
Besides the possibility to manage all functions with a display, you can use MixTool, the software for remote control through a PC and for analysis and monitoring activities.

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